Services Offered

Adult children of seniors seek assistance from Family Records Management. These clients may find themselves overwhelmed by the time required to manage their parents’ affairs. They turn to FRM when they want outside help in paying their parents’ bills, managing income, collecting tax data and other bookkeeping issues along with extended care management. (See our fee schedule.)
Traditional Services
Daily Money Management

Bill Pay

Debt Counseling

Budgeting & Savings Plans

Tax Record Organization

Banking and Mobile Money

Coordination with Other Professionals

Certified Public Accountants


Financial & Wealth Advisors

Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

Caregivers & Nurses

Assistance for Adult Children of Elderly Parents

Care Plan Development & Management

Monitoring In-Home Care

Acting as a Liaison to Families at a Distance

Coordinating Senior Housing & Assisted Living

End of Life Care — Preparation & Planning

Organization & Oversight of All Personal Records







Business Services
Daily Financial Oversight

Bookkeeping services including invoicing, accounts receivable and vendor payments, payroll.

Tax Record Management


Business Planning

Coordination’s with CPA’s and other professionals.

Assistance with personal/family finance.

Customized Services

Includes “Traditional” service offerings.

Financial Management Services

Certified Trustee & Guardianship

Professional Fiduciary

Unbiased, Conflict Free

Powers of Attorney

Wills & Trust


Professional Care Manager

Advocate for Medical & Financial

Care Plan Administrator

Personal Conservatorship

Medical Health Care Directive

Estate Valuation

Unbiased, Neutral Party


Independent Evaluation

*Customized Services also include “traditional” service offerings.

Fees are traditionally billed on an hourly basis and customized to meet every clients’ need. Detailed services offered may require additional costs or time commitments.

We act as your personal general manager, protecting what individuals have worked hard to build—keeping things organized, safe, secure and current.