We are Care Managers who work with seniors as well as a younger population,
or those affected with illnesses needing assistance.

Protecting what individuals have worked so hard to achieve.


Family Records Management provides support to seniors and busy professionals with managing their household financial lives to keep them organized. This includes bill paying and banking, estate management, record keeping for tax purposes and medical insurance tracking. We take care so that the individual’s personal financial affairs are kept organized, current and safely accessible.


Our Professionals have an in depth knowledge of multiple financial industries as well as potential risk. Family Records Management clients who seek an alternative to Court-Appointed Conservatorship or Power of Attorney, as well as working with Individuals and or Families with various disabilities that require more detailed consultation, such as arthritis, dementia, loss or impairment of sight are prime candidates for our customized services.

We act as your personal general manager, protecting what individuals have worked hard to build—keeping things organized, safe, secure and current.